Quinnipiac Innovations in Learning and Teaching (QILT) is the outcome of the integration of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Office of Learning Design and Technology (LDT) in Academic Affairs at Quinnipiac University. QILT is an educational excellence center that aims to improve teaching and learning across all formats — online, in-person, and hybrid. The team collaborates with faculty members from all nine schools and colleges, assisting a diverse range of departments and programs in enhancing their instructional practices and enriching student learning experiences.  

QILT is a team of experts in learning design, media, technology, and educational development, promoting innovative pedagogical strategies and technology to create engaging and effective educational experiences. QILT's mission is to develop and continuously refine curricula that cater to the needs of today's dynamic learning environmentsBy promoting a culture of innovation and inclusive teaching, QILT helps faculty adopt evidence-based educational practices that are both forward-thinking and adaptable.  

In support of creating a dynamic and supportive community for Quinnipiac educators, the unit includes faculty initiatives such as the Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking (QUWACT) program, Inclusive Excellence in Teaching Lab (IETL), and the contributions of faculty fellows in academic affairs. These initiatives promote excellence and foster an academic environment that values collaboration, sharing of best practices, and continual improvement.  

For more information about QILT's initiatives or to engage with the team, please visit the Quinnipiac Innovations in Learning and Teaching webpage at qu.edu/qilt  

Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking (QUWACT)

Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking (QUWACT) is a multidisciplinary faculty-run organization that supports the use of evidence-based writing practices to improve students critical thinking. We also support scholarly research on the intersection of writing and critical thinking. We work with faculty to promote the following pedagogical principles: 

  • Improve students’ critical thinking as well as their writing.
  • Support critical thinking and writing as processes rather than products.
  • Recognize how this diversity influences critical thinking and writing.
  • Use formal and informal writing as generative processes.