Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

North Haven Campus
203-582-8710 (central office)

Echlin Center, second floor, Mount Carmel Campus

Administrative Offices

Title Name Phone Email
Dean Janelle Chiasera 203-582-5241
Senior Associate Dean Betsey C. Smith 203-582-8327
Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Business Operations Shelley L. Candler 203-582-3650
Assistant Dean for Career Development Cynthia Christie 203-582-3656
Assistant Dean for Student Services Colleen A. Thompson 203-582-8118


Undergraduate Programs

Program Name Phone Email
Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Thomas Martin 203-582-3368
Health Science Studies
Jason Scozzafava 203-582-7663
Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Thomas Martin 203-582-3368
Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Marisa Hale 203-582-8264
Radiologic Sciences
Alicia Giaimo 203-582-3815
Rehabilitation, Health and Wellness
Athletic Training
Stephen Straub 203-582-8443
Fitness, Leisure and Wellness
Debora Lavigne 203-582-7943

Dual-Degree Programs

Program Name Phone Email
BS in Health Science Studies/MSW (3+2) Jason Scozzafava 203-582-7663
BS/MHS in Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership (3+1) Paula DeMaio 203-582-3674
BS/MHS in Biomedical Sciences (concentration in Medical Sciences & Microbiology) Thomas Martin 203-582-3368
Entry-Level Master’s Physician Assistant Laurie Seeger 203-582-3882
Occupational Therapy Rondalyn Whitney 203-582-7849
BSHS-MOT Occupational Therapy
Courtney Richards 203-582-8418
BSHS-OTD Occupational Therapy
Susan M. Higgins 203-582-7543
Physical Therapy BS/DPT Tracy Wall 203-582-8212
Social Work JD/MSW Carol R. Awasu 203-582-6433

Graduate Programs

Program Name Phone Email
Master of Health Sciences
Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership
Paula DeMaio 203-582-3674
Cardiovascular Perfusion
Michael J. Smith 203-582-3427
Biomedical Sciences
Dwayne Boucaud 203-582-3768
Pathologists' Assistant
Robert Cottrell 203-582-8676
Physician Assistant
Timothy Ferrarotti 203-582-7782
Radiologist Assistant
Tania Grgurich 203-582-3813
Master of Social Work Carol R. Awasu 203-582-6433
Social Work JD/MSW Carol R. Awasu 203-582-6433
Post-Baccalaureate Doctor of Occupational Therapy Susan M. Higgins 203-582-7543

Post-Professional Programs

Program Name Phone Email
Occupational Therapy
Online Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Barbara Nadeau 203-582-8691

Career Development

In the School of Health Sciences, the assistant dean for career development works with students to explore majors and career interests through individual consultations and group sessions, and guides them through a career development process. Assistance is provided with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, conducting a job search and graduate school applications. Students can participate in experiential learning through community service as well as internships, part-time and summer employment. A health professions career fair is held every spring at the North Haven Campus.

Additional Requirements

Academic programs with clinical components use multiple clinical education centers. Students are responsible for their transportation to and from these clinical agencies.

Background Checks

Students should be aware that certain clinical sites or internship locations may require a criminal background check before a student is placed in the clinic or intern site. The university has procedures to assist students in obtaining such a background check. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of each individual student.

Academic and Clinical Software Package Cost

Students enrolled in certain undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Health Sciences are required to pay for access to EXXAT, a clinical and academic software package. The cost for EXXAT is a one-time charge of $150 (subject to change) that permits access to the software for the duration of the student’s enrollment in their current major. Students in undergraduate and graduate programs that require clinical/fieldwork experiences will be required to pay for access to a documentation approval system through EXXAT. Specific information regarding documentation approval will be provided by individual programs. 

Technical Standards for Admission

Students admitted to all programs in the School of Health Sciences must be able to meet their program’s technical standards and or essential functions. Technical standards are developed by accreditation agencies and organizations to establish the essential qualities and standards considered necessary to achieve the skills, knowledge and competencies for entry-level practice. Information on technical standards and essential functions may be found in the catalog, on the website or by contacting the individual program chairperson.

Academic Good Standing

All undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Health Sciences are expected to maintain the required minimum GPA set forth by their respective program of study (if applicable). Each program may have additional benchmarks that must be met to progress within the program of study. The student should refer to the program’s description in the Quinnipiac University Catalog and to the program’s student handbook (if applicable) for clarification for what is required to maintain their status within the program.

At the end of each semester, the program directors will compile a list of students who are deficient in meeting academic or clinical/professional achievement requirements. Utilizing the review process established by their program, the student will be notified via email of their status in the program. Deficient students may be: a) placed on probation, b) suspended or c) dismissed. Students placed on probation remain in their program but in order to progress, must meet the performance standards specified in their probation notification letter. For further clarification please see the Program Level Academic Good Standing Policy.

Mission Statement

The Quinnipiac University School of Health Sciences offers a comprehensive spectrum of health science programs designed to address both the evolving health needs of society and the practical implementation of innovative methods and procedures based on the latest scientific discoveries. Building upon a solid foundation in the basic sciences and liberal arts, the School of Health Sciences offers a student-centered learning environment with interprofessional collaboration, innovative teaching and hands-on experience. The School of Health Sciences seeks to integrate theory, research and practice to best prepare healthcare practitioners and biomedical scientists who can demonstrate leadership in their disciplines and in the global community.

Vision Statement

The School of Health Sciences strives to develop forward-thinking, compassionate practitioners and scientists with broad professional competencies who can shape a rapidly changing biomedical and social landscape in pursuit of excellence in health care delivery. The school will be a nationally recognized school of choice for students, faculty and employers who share this vision.

Values Statement

The School of Heath Sciences values an interprofessional, client/patient-centered healthcare model and the translational science that supports it. Students are held to high ethical standards as they utilize critical thinking, scientific evidence and knowledge of diverse cultures and communities to improve health outcomes. We value an experiential learning environment where faculty integrate inquiry with their professional expertise and build collaborative relationships that empower students to solve health-related challenges in a socially responsible manner.