Switchboard: 203-582-8200

Mailing address:
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518-1908

University website: qu.edu

To schedule appointments and address inquiries, use the following list. If you need an individual telephone number, call the switchboard and an operator will be happy to connect you directly.

Office Phone Email
Academic Innovation and Effectiveness 203-582-8976
Admissions, Undergraduate 203-582-8600 admissions@qu.edu
Admissions, Graduate 203-582-8672 graduate.admissions@qu.edu
Admissions, Transfer 203-582-8600 transferadmissions@qu.edu
Admissions, Part-Time Students 203-582-8600 transferadmissions@qu.edu
Admissions, School of Law 203-582-3400 ladm@qu.edu
Admissions, School of Medicine 855-582-7766 (toll free) or 203-582-7766 medicine@qu.edu
Alumni Affairs 203-582-8660 alumni@qu.edu
Arts and Sciences, College of 203-582-7360 CASdeans@qu.edu
Athletics and Recreation 203-582-5388 athletics@qu.edu
Business, School of 203-582-8720 SBdeans@qu.edu
Campus Life, Mount Carmel Campus 203-582-8673 student.center@qu.edu
Campus Life, York Hill Campus 203-582-7225 student.center@qu.edu
CARE 203-582-2273 care@qu.edu
Communications, School of 203-582-8492 schoolofcommunications@qu.edu
Computing and Engineering, School of 203-582-7272 engineering@qu.edu
Counseling Services (Health and Wellness) 203-582-8680 counseling.center@qu.edu
Cultural and Global Engagement 203-582-8425
Dean of Students 203-582-8735 studentaffairs@qu.edu
Development 203-582-8660 alumni@qu.edu
Education, School of 203-582-3354 schoolofeducationinfo@qu.edu
Facilities 203-582-8665 facilities@qu.edu
Financial Aid, Undergraduate 203-582-8750 finaid@qu.edu
Financial Aid, Graduate 203-582-8588 gradfinaid@qu.edu
Financial Aid, School of Law 203-582-3405 lawfinaid@qu.edu
Health Sciences, School of 203-582-8710 SHSdeans@qu.edu
Information Services/Technology Center 203-582-4357 help@qu.edu
Ireland's Great Hunger Institute 203-582-4564 ighi@qu.edu
Law, School of 203-582-3200 law@qu.edu
Learning Commons 203-582-8628 learningcommons@qu.edu
Library, Arnold Bernhard (Circulation Desk) 203-582-8634 ABL.circulation@qu.edu
Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine 203-582-3797 medicine@qu.edu
Nursing, School of 203-582-8385 nursing@qu.edu
Office of Student Accessibility 203-582-7600 access@qu.edu
One Stop Office 203-582-8650 onestop@qu.edu
Public Safety 203-582-6200 public.safety@qu.edu
Registrar 203-582-8695 registrar@qu.edu
Residential Life 203-582-8666 residentiallife@qu.edu
Rocky Top Student Center 203-582-7872
Albert Schweitzer Institute 203-582-7875 schweitzer@qu.edu
Student Affairs 203-582-8735 studentaffairs@qu.edu
Student Affairs, Graduate 203-582-4723 gradaffairs@qu.edu
Student Conduct 203-582-8753
Student Health Services (Health and Wellness) 203-582-8742 studenthealthservices@qu.edu
Veteran & Military Affairs 203-582-8867