SB 101. The Business Environment.3 Credits.

This course introduces students to the business environment through exploration of career and major options. Topics include introductory business knowledge, business ethics, Excel, communications and current events. The course provides an overview of the resources available for developing a knowledge base for each business major, and skills to become successful in business careers.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

SB 105. Learning Strategies Seminar.1 Credit.

This course introduces students to evidence-based learning strategies and helps students become self-regulated learners who are capable of achieving their full academic potential. Students reflect upon the fundamental nature of learning and what types of learning activities best facilitate their learning process. Students also explore topics related to achievement motivation and growth mindset. The ultimate goal of this course is to help students not only develop a deeper understanding of these topics, but learn ways that the strategies and tools covered in class readings and discussions can inform their personal study habits.

Offered: Every year, Spring

SB 110. Alumni Perspectives on Business and Careers.1 Credit.

Students meet with School of Business alumni to learn business trends that impact careers of the future.

Offered: Every year, Fall

SB 124. Introduction to Sustainable Fashion.1 Credit.

Students gain general knowledge of sustainability in the fashion industry and get up to date on the most current sustainable practices, innovations, movements, and trends. The course supports students in developing their capacity for recognizing and understanding the complexity of sustainability issues, and for thinking critically about assumptions, biases, beliefs, and attitudes while becoming more environmentally conscious in daily lives and contributing to a sustainable future. A creative fashion project is a required element of the course.

Offered: As needed

SB 125. ReFashion: Sustainable Fashion in an International Setting.3 Credits.

Students learn sustainability in the fashion industry. Topics include: sustainable business operations, fair trade - ethical labor practices, circular business model, fashion production cycle, innovations within sustainability, and international perspectives on sustainable business practices. The course features virtual company visits to global ethical and sustainable clothing brands. A creative fashion project is a required element of the course.

Offered: As needed

SB 139. Business Elective.1-6 Credits.

SB 185. Personal Finance.3 Credits.

This course provides an overview of personal wealth building strategies and explores techniques for setting personal financial goals. Personal budgeting, investments and debt management also are investigated.

Offered: As needed

SB 188. Business Internship.1-3 Credits.

This internship in business provides an opportunity for students to complete an additional internship experience beyond the internship within their chosen major. The business internship may only be used to satisfy open elective credit requirements. It is not a substitute for the internship within the major and does not count as a business elective. This internship may be used as an elective in the business minor. The internship must be approved by the department chair and the dean in accordance with school and departmental regulations. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Offered: Every year, All

SB 199. Independent Study.1-6 Credits.

SB 205. Special Topics in Business.3 Credits.

This course explores current topics and trends in business. Designed for non-business majors.

Offered: As needed

SB 250. Career Planning and Development.1 Credit.

This comprehensive career development course provides students with the tools to manage a career search through the full internship/job search lifecycle. Course includes resume workshops focused on self-reflection and employer-desired competencies; formatting for business industry; and in-depth content writing. Course also includes hands-on assignments that help students create their brand and stand out to employers including: career research, cover letter, mock interview, elevator pitch and LinkedIn profile. The course wraps up with a review of the value and impact of professionalism in students personal and professional lives. Course is intended for students in their sophomore year.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

SB 320. Internship in Poland.3 Credits.

This internship in Poland must be approved by the Central European Institute and the dean in accordance with school and departmental regulations. Junior/senior status is required. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Prerequisites: Take IB 120.
Offered: As needed

SB 360. International Business Immersion.3 Credits.

Students are immersed in international business and culture through short-term immersion trips led by School of Business faculty. Emphasis is placed on understanding of culture, business customs, and regulatory environment of the international destination(s). Some sections of this course may also involve small business consulting as part of Quinnipiac's microloan program. Additional course/travel fees apply.

Offered: As needed

SB 388. Business 3+1 Experience.0 Credits.

SB 410. Business Ethics.3 Credits.

This course helps students develop a framework for ethical decision making. Students learn to identify ethical issues, apply various models of ethical decision making, and analyze ethical cases. Topics include assessing and analyzing the ethics environment of business and identifying and managing ethics in a developing world including human rights, environmental sustainability and technology.

Prerequisites: Junior standing or higher.
Offered: As needed

SB 420. Strategic Management Integrated Seminar.3 Credits.

This capstone course takes the top management perspective in formulating, implementing, and evaluating business and corporate strategy. The course integrates critical concepts from the business functions including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations and others. Students study core strategic management concepts and apply this knowledge by implementing strategy in a computerized business simulation. In addition, the course serves as a university capstone in which students create a signature work incorporating strategic theory and concepts. For seniors only.

Prerequisites: Take AC 211, AC 212, FIN 201, IB 201, MK 201, MG 210, MG 211 and senior status.
Offered: Every year, All

SB 488. Business Internship.1-6 Credits.