HM 201. Introduction to Healthcare Management.3 Credits.

The course introduces the students to the healthcare systems. This course prepares students to better understand the healthcare policies and the finance of healthcare in the United States. It provides an understanding of healthcare delivery mechanism, the role of different providers and facilities, and access to healthcare from the population perspective.

Offered: Every year, Spring

HM 320. Introduction to Health Insurance.3 Credits.

This course provides an overview of the design, function, management, and regulation of public and private health insurance plans, including third-party reimbursement and payment methodologies used by private and public insurance programs and payer mix for healthcare managers. Students assess health insurance from the government, business, and consumer perspective by discussing how healthcare reforms and innovations in health insurance deliveries affect the organization and the consumer use of health insurance. It offers an overview of provider contracting, and utilization and quality control methodologies used by health insurance plans.

Offered: As needed

HM 365. Health Care Analysis.3 Credits.

This course introduces the application and components of healthcare data analytics. The course describes the concepts underlying the healthcare analytic techniques and strategies to identify, measure, and improve healthcare quality, system efficiency, and human resource productivity. Students work with healthcare data and develop and use healthcare indicators. The course provides a foundation for data presentation and visualization of information for decision making.

Offered: As needed

HM 404. Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery.3 Credits.

This course presents an overview of the legal and ethical issues that are encountered in the health care industry. It provides students with a basic working knowledge of health law. This is an introductory course that covers a wide variety of health care legal issues. By the end of the course, students should attain a basic knowledge of health law and its application to health care management.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring