GPH 201. Introduction to Global Public Health.3 Credits.

Health is an essential human right, but much of the world still does not have access to basic public health services. The course explores how health is measured and the conditions that particularly affect the poor. Principles of public health, major global communicable diseases (e.g. COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis), maternal-child health, and noncommunicable conditions are reviewed. Strategies in control of disease and achieving global health are explored. Essential elements of study design, epidemiology and biostatistics also are taught. Course instruction includes textbooks, medical literature, popular writings, film and group work. This course is the required introductory course for GPH minor students. Non-GPH minor students need prior approval.

Prerequisites: None
Offered: Every year, Spring

GPH 301. Capstone in Global Public Health.3 Credits.

This capstone course in global public health consists of a senior seminar during which students synthesize and reflect upon their academic, service and international experiences throughout the GPH minor. Through a series of readings, discussions, writings and presentations, students review key aspects of GPH and formulate their own responses and conclusions. During the capstone seminar, students also integrate the work they have done throughout the minor. This could include narrative writings, photographs and research results. The final course requirement is a poster presentation that reports on and displays the student's GPH theme or focus and demonstrates successful completion of the minor's learning objectives. Available only to students who are minoring in global public health.

Prerequisites: Take GPH 201.
Offered: Every year, Spring