Program Contact: Tamilla Triantoro  203-582-7278

The Dual-Degree BS/MS and BA/MS in Business Analytics (4+1) programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful data driven leaders capable of storing, managing, analyzing and presenting data effectively to stimulate better business decisions. The curriculum takes 5 years and students graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and their master of science.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics program explores the practical qualitative and quantitative skills that serve as the foundation for informed decision making. In-demand skills such as data management, data warehousing, text and data mining, visualization and predictive modeling are at the core of the MS in Business Analytics program. Through a partnership with SAS, graduates of the MS in Business Analytics program will be issued a Badge in Business Analytics using SAS.

Dual-Degree BS/MSBA or BA/MSBA (4+1) Program of Study

Students are admitted to the graduate portion of the program upon completion of their undergraduate program. The MSBA requires a total of 33 credits, as follows:

Core Curriculum (24 credits)
BAN 610Introduction to Business Analytics3
BAN 615Predictive Business Analytics3
BAN 621Data Management3
BAN 622Data Warehousing3
BAN 628Data Mining for Competitive Advantage3
BAN 650Data Visualization for Managers3
BAN 668Python Programming for Data Analysis3
BAN 690Business Analytics Capstone3
MSBA Electives (choose 3 electives) 9
Text Analytics
Business Data Analytics with R
Health Care Analytics
Big Data and Hadoop
Design and Analysis of Business Information Systems
Project Management
Total Credits33

This program is designed for outstanding students who have a quantitative background as well as interest and passion for working with data. Admission requires a cumulative GPA of 3.00. Interested students must apply for admission to the Dual-Degree BS/MSBA (4+1) program during the fall of their senior year.

Meeting the minimum standards as listed above does not guarantee admission to the program. Students are not admitted officially into the MS in Business Analytics program until they graduate with their BS and meet all other requirements. Once admitted, students begin full-time study in the MS in Business Analytics program.