Program Contact: Julia Fullick-Jagiela  203-582-5034

Whether you plan to work at a startup, a large business or a nonprofit, having the skills to guide your staff through the challenges of a modern working environment will make you a valuable asset in any field. Our management minor gives you the foundational skills and knowledge to assess employee and organizational needs, and develop effective communication practices and conflict resolution skills to ensure that employees are content and effective members of a team. You also will gain a broad perspective on how businesses operate efficiently.  

This program can be largely customized. Of the six courses you’ll take to complete the minor, only one—Organizational Management—is required. You are free to choose the remaining five from courses that explore key areas such as supply chain management, human resources and project management. 

Management Minor Curriculum

The minor in management requires a total of 18 credits.

MG 205Organizational Management3
Select five additional courses 15
HM 201 or any 200-300 level MG course
Total Credits18