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Business acumen doesn’t just apply to traditional business owners, marketing executives and financial planners. Sound judgment and the ability to make quick decisions are skills that translate to virtually every field and trade. The business minor gives you a broad understanding of the major disciplines at work daily in companies of all sizes and specialties. Whether you’re an independent photographer, a website designer or a software engineer, you’ll learn how to effectively market your services to stand out from the competition. Accounting skills enable you to better manage your own money and personal resources, while a working knowledge of finance and investment strategies may help you to one day turn a side passion into a viable business.

The business world is about more than just dollars and cents. Leadership qualities are universal, whether you’re in a boardroom, classroom or operating room. Organizational skills, creative problem solving and an ability to assess strengths and weaknesses make you a valuable asset to a host of employers, and prepare you for future supervisory and management roles.

The minor in business is available to students outside of the School of Business who are enrolled in bachelor of arts or bachelor of science programs. The intention of this minor is to provide students with a broad perspective of the disciplines that affect organizations. 

Business Minor Curriculum

Students must complete the following four classes, in addition to any two business courses for which the student has completed the prerequisites.

AC 211Financial Accounting3
FIN 201Fundamentals of Financial Management 13
MG 205Organizational Management3
MK 201Marketing Principles3
Select any two electives from business disciplines AC, BAN, BLW, CIS, ENT, FIN, HM, IB, MG, MK, SB. Selection can include one of either IER 220, IER 310, or IER 360 6
Total Credits18

Note: EC 111 is a prerequisite for FIN 201.