Program Contact: Christine Kinealy   203-582-4564

This interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program introduces students to the history, people and cultures of Ireland, both pre- and post-Partition. Students choose from a range of courses that provide relevant and rigorous intellectual learning, internships, study trips to Ireland and a capstone course that utilizes the unique range of Irish sources available within Quinnipiac University.

This minor is suitable for students with interests in the humanities, the arts and the sciences, as well as those interested in colonial and post-colonial studies, conflict resolution, human rights and social justice. Each of these topics, individually and collectively, contributes to our understanding of the diversity, complexity and potential of viewing Irish Studies within a global context. Students are encouraged to spend a semester in an Irish university, but this is not compulsory.

Students are eligible to apply for the minor in the first semester of sophomore year. Interested students should contact Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute or the Department of History and Geography.

Students must complete 18 total credits (usually six courses) in Irish Studies and related disciplines.

IRST 101Introduction to Irish Studies3
HS 229Irish History3
IRST 300Special Topics in Irish History (Capstone equivalent 300-level course)3
Select 9 credits in electives in approved courses in subject areas such as English, philosophy, political science, history, music and film, video and interactive media.9
Total Credits18

Students have an opportunity to complete courses for the minor at a partner university or institution in Ireland. Credits also are available through relevant internships in Ireland or at Quinnipiac University.