Approved by the Faculty Senate Spring 2012

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. In many classes and laboratories active student participation or performance is an essential part of the learning experience and absences may negatively affect the course grade. Each academic department or instructor will set a class attendance policy and feature it prominently in syllabi. Having informed the students of particular attendance requirements, the instructor should refer students with unsatisfactory attendance records to the Learning Commons. Faculty members are reminded that the Early Warning policy of the university defines specific referral polices for attendance in 100-level courses.

Occasionally, students participating in intercollegiate athletics will be absent from classes because of scheduled athletic contests. It is the responsibility of those students to notify their instructors in advance of anticipated absences. If they give such advance notice to their instructors, they will be given the opportunity to make up any requirements for the courses.

Similarly, students who must miss classes because of religious obligations will be given the opportunity to make up course requirements if they have notified their instructors in advance of the anticipated absences. Academic and Student Affairs will notify faculty if students in their classes have been placed on Medical Leave or suspended via a Student Code of Conduct system decision.

Student-Athlete — Class Absence Policy

Class attendance is a student-athlete’s first priority. Quinnipiac University adheres to the NCAA rules that prohibit student-athletes from missing class due to conflicts with a team’s practice. NCAA rules do permit student-athletes to miss class to participate in a home or away contest. During the season of competition, it is likely that class absences will occur. Every attempt is made to keep missed classes to a minimum. Nevertheless, it is Quinnipiac academic policy that should a class or test be missed for in-season athletic competition, the student be given the chance to make up the work provided the student notifies the professor in advance and makes appropriate arrangements. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to communicate with their professors PRIOR to a class being missed.

Student-athletes are expected to personally deliver the missed class form letter signed by the associate athletic director for academics and the NCAA faculty athletics representative to each professor at the beginning of the semester. The student-athlete’s head coach will provide the team members with the letter detailing departure times of travel dates associated with away games and any home competition conflicts. Arrangements for make-up exams and quizzes MUST be handled before traveling to an athletic event, not after returning from the trip. In the event that an affiliated conference or NCAA Championship occurs during final exam time, the student-athlete is required to contact the appropriate faculty member at least two weeks before the scheduled examination or when the conflict is recognized. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss rescheduling the exam.

It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to schedule classes so they will not regularly conflict with practice times or frequent travel days. It is important for each student-athlete to meet with instructors as early in the semester as possible to assess whether missed class time will be a problem.         

If a problem does arise with any of these situations, contact the NCAA faculty athletics representative. Student-athletes may jeopardize their participation in the Quinnipiac University athletic program by failing to comply with the above procedures.