In today’s changing and competitive marketplace, there is an increasing need for lawyers who are fully trained in all aspects of business, management and administration. Students who are seeking a comprehensive and sophisticated business education for their legal or business careers will find the Dual-Degree JD/MBA program extremely attractive.

Taken separately, the MBA normally requires 45 credits, and the JD normally requires 86 credits. However, the dual-degree program requires only 33 business credits and 77 law credits, a savings of 20 credits.

Students may apply for acceptance to both the Law School and the MBA program and, upon completion of both programs, receive a business and a law degree. A student in the dual-degree program may not obtain either degree until the requirements for both have been met.

To enroll in the dual-degree program, a student must apply to and be accepted by both of the schools. Students may begin at either school. Each school assists in adapting the program to the needs and interests of the enrolled student by approving schedules and joint credits for courses. Students may apply to both schools before they actually begin classes. Students must file separate applications and take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Students who begin a single degree program either in the School of Law or the School of Business may apply to the other school at a later time (prior to the completion of degree requirements) to be considered for the dual-degree program.

Upon admission to the dual-degree program, the enrolled student must meet with the director of the MBA program and the associate dean for academic affairs of the Law School for academic counseling. Students may attend either full time or part time.

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