Students in Biomedical Science programs may take independent study courses in biomedical science, microbiology and/or health sciences. Students who excel in the BMS program (>3.00 GPA overall and in science/math) may be eligible to work on a research project, enabling them to collaborate with faculty in research laboratories. The independent study courses BMS 498 and BMS 499 are for topics in biomedical sciences, BMS 482 and BMS 483 are for microbiology topics and HSC 498 for topics in health sciences. A maximum of 8 independent study credits may count toward the science, health science or open electives in the biomedical sciences, microbiology and immunology, or health science studies curriculum.

By definition, an independent study includes course content not offered by another QU Catalog course. However, it must involve contact hours and scholarly activities equivalent to any regularly offered course. These courses can include performing a research project, review of the scientific literature in the field of the research project, and creation of a “product,” such as a term essay, a series of short papers, laboratory or project reports, a portfolio, or presentation at a scientific meeting. Students register for these courses by first finding a mentor and then submitting the paper registration form (available on the second floor of Echlin).

For more information about the undergraduate biomedical sciences program, please contact the chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences: Robert Cottrell  203-582-8676.

BMS 482Independent Study in Microbiology1-4
BMS 483Independent Study in Microbiology1-4
BMS 498Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences I1-4
BMS 499Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences II1-4
HSC 498Independent Study in Health Sciences1-4