Our mission at Quinnipiac is to build the University of the Future with a strategy propelling us from our storied past toward an ambitious, inclusive and innovative future. We prepare graduates as enlightened global citizens equipped for the challenges and opportunities of current and future careers. We are a community that embraces positive change, inclusive excellence, kindness and generosity of spirit, with a commitment to lift the communities in which we live. Our students, faculty and staff are bold and curious, innovators and explorers. We partner with employers to understand and prepare graduates who meet their talent and technological needs, we embrace lifelong learning, and we pursue learning and scholarship that asks and addresses significant societal and scientific questions.  

Our strategic plan describes our ideals, and articulates the present and future goals for academic programs, approaches to enriching equity and inclusivity, lifelong learning opportunities, ties to the communities we serve, alumni outreach, and capital programs that advance these goals. The plan is enabled through the nimble and forward-thinking nature of Quinnipiac as we work to become the University of the Future. 

The plan rests on four pillars:

  1. Build an institution-wide mindset that prepares graduates for 21st-century careers and citizenship;
  2. Create an inclusive, excellence-driven community;
  3. Nurture and positively impact internal, local and global communities; and 
  4. Foster lifelong connections and success.