Program Contact: Elena Bertozzi 203-582-7998

The Game Design and Development minor provides students with a solid foundation in fundamental principles and concepts in game design, and the opportunity to develop some specialized technical skills and competence. A minor may be combined with any major inside or outside the College of Arts and Sciences, complementing majors or minors in other disciplines on campus (18 credits).

Students minoring in Game Design and Development must complete the following:

Minor Core Requirements9
Introduction to Game Design
Creativity and Computation
Introduction to Game Development
Minor Electives9
Select any three courses from the following list in consultation with your adviser. Minors are encouraged to take additional courses as free electives outside their major at the 300-400 level. 1
Drawing for Games and Animation
Special Topics in Game Design
Professionalism Practice for Game Design
Game Art Pipeline 1
Game Lab I: Team Projects
Game Lab II: Team Projects
Interactive Storytelling and Narrative
Game Design Tools and Processes
Game Art Pipeline II
The Art of Audio Narrative
Game Lab Iii: Team Projects
Game Lab IV: Team Projects
VR/AR Development for Games
Advanced Topics in Game Development
Board Game Design
The Business of Games
History of Video Games
Critical Game Studies Seminar
Games, Learning & Society
Technical Art Production,Game Art III
Game Audio Design
Total Credits18

Substitutions to this list are permitted with prior approval of the program director.