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Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and territories, and is spoken by nearly half a billion people. Acquiring proficiency in Spanish can be a valuable asset in many fields, from business and education to government and healthcare. 

Students have the flexibility to shape their Spanish Minor by choosing electives that explore an exciting range of topics from pre-Columbian civilizations to contemporary Latinx writers. It’s also possible to study away in Spain or throughout Latin America. Some students may select a semester program and others a J-term experience or an intensive summer immersion. Whether students complete this Minor in the classroom or by including study away, they will expand their intellectual horizons in new and wonderful ways. 

The Spanish Minor consists of six courses (18 credits) with at least two of the six courses at the 300 level. At least 9 credits must be taken on campus. In addition to 3-credit courses, students may also choose to take 3 micro-courses of 1 credit each. Spanish Minors who would like to apply for entrance into Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society, should take at least one culture or literature course. 

Minor in Spanish Curriculum

The minor consists of six courses (18 credits) with at least two of the six courses at the 300 level. Students are required to take at least 9 credits on campus. 

Here are course sequences for the Spanish Minor based on your starting course level:

SP 101, SP 102, SP 201, SP 202, SP 301, an elective at the 300 level.

SP 102, SP 201, SP 202, SP 301, an elective at the 300 level, an elective.

SP 201, SP 202, SP 301, an elective at the 300 level, two electives.

SP 202, SP 301, an elective at the 300 level, three electives.

SP 301, an elective at the 300 level, four electives.

Possible courses include (as well as others chosen in consultation with your Spanish minor adviser):
EN 277Literature of the Americas3
HS 254Colonial Latin America3
PO 221Introduction to Latin America3
SP 101Elementary Spanish I3
SP 102Elementary Spanish II3
SP 105Introductory Spanish for Health Professions3
SP 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SP 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SP 203Environmental Spanish3
SP 205Puerto Rican Culture3
SP 210The Culture and Civilization of Spain3
SP 215Spanish for Business3
SP 220Legal Spanish3
SP 221Masterpieces of Spanish Literature3
SP 225Cuban Culture3
SP 226Exploring Global Engagement Through Language3
SP 230Spanish Film Club1
SP 231Folklore of the Americas1
SP 232Food and Culture in the Hispanic World1
SP 233Environmental Issues in Hispanic Countries1
SP 234Conversations in Spanish1
SP 235Art in Spain and Latin America1
SP 301Advanced Spanish3
SP 310Spanish for Health Professions I3
SP 311Spanish for Health Professions II3
SP 312Advanced Conversation3
SP 317Approaches to Literary Genres3
SP 328Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 18803
SP 329Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present3
SP 335Nineteenth-Century Literature of Spain3
SP 343Culture of Spain3
SP 348Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age3
SP 351The Modern Spanish Short Story3
SP 370History of the Romance Languages3
SP 371Classics of Spanish-American Literature Literature3
SP 373Latin American Cultures I3
SP 374Latin American Cultures II3
SP 376The Spanish Caribbean3
SP 401Advanced Spanish Grammar3