Program Contact: Lauren Sardi 203-582-8215

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certificate encourages students to seek out opportunities to learn about the broad variety of human experiences. Although it is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences, all university students may complete the program. The curriculum encompasses a selection of courses that focus on people in societies who have been historically underrepresented and underprivileged. Current Quinnipiac students who complete these courses will earn a certificate that reflects the commitment they have made to diversifying their college curriculum.

Following completion of the DEI Certificate Program, students will:

  • Have a firm understanding of social differences and inequalities and understand how their own biases and beliefs impact this understanding.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to be able to identify and critique discrimination.
  • Be able to examine peoples’ experiences based on gender, religion, socioeconomic status, age, sexual orientation or other socially constructed categories.
  • Have the skills necessary to listen and learn from others’ experiences of struggle and agency.
  • Understand their roles in impacting social differences and inequalities and have the tools to take such action.
Take 9 credits of DEI Certificate Courses with at Least Two Prefixes Represented:
AR 325Women Artists3
CJ 232Women in the Criminal Justice System3
CJ 253Sexual Violence3
EN 223Hippies, Punks and Rude Boys3
EN 235Literature by Women3
EN 265Black Writers in and Beyond the US3
EN 277Literature of the Americas3
ENV 356International Environmental Law3
GT 202Gender and Aging3
GT 263Aging in Society3
HS 208Twentieth-Century World History3
HS 229Irish History3
HS 235Blood and Revolution in China/Asian Studies3
HS 271Monks, Kings and Rebels: Mainland Southeast Asia3
HS 273African History and Culture3
HS 274Modern India3
HS 307The Holocaust3
HS 308U.S. Women's History 1770-19203
HS 309Women in America 1920-PRESENT3
HS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World3
HS 328Gender in the Non-Western World3
HS 332History of India3
LE 250Gender and the Law3
LE 318Human Rights Law and Global Justice3
LE 350Federal Indian Law3
LE 356International Environmental Law3
MCI 100Negotiation for Success1
MCI 101Health, Aging and Intersectionality1
MCI 107The Case for Race:The Role of the Courts in American Racial History1
MCI 110Race: A Dangerous Symbol1
MCI 190Special Topics1
MG 308Women in Leadership3
MSS 311Diversity in the Media (WGS 311)3
PL 330Philosophy and Gender3
PO 219Feminist Political Thought3
PO 221Introduction to Latin America3
PO 313Development, Globalization and Colonialism3
PO 387Women and Public Policy3
PS 210Human Sexuality3
PS 284LGBTQ Identities and Communities3
SO 202Gender and Aging3
SO 232Women in the Criminal Justice System3
SO 255Sociology of Families3
SO 263Aging in Society Of Aging3
SO 302Sociology of Sexualities3
SO 303Popular Culture and the Media (WGS 303)3
SO 304Sociology of Gender3
SO 306Masculinities3
SO 308The Immigrant Experience3
SO 317Religion and Society3
SP 203Environmental Spanish3
SP 205Puerto Rican Culture3
SP 225Cuban Culture3
SP 310Spanish for Health Professions I3
SP 311Spanish for Health Professions II3
SP 329Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present3
SP 343Culture of Spain3
SP 371Classics of Spanish-American Literature Literature3
SP 373Latin American Cultures I3
SP 374Latin American Cultures II3
SP 376The Spanish Caribbean3
WGS 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS 200Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS 202Gender and Aging3
WGS 219Feminist Political Thought3
WGS 232Women in the Criminal Justice System3
WGS 250Gender and the Law3
WGS 255Sociology of Families3
WGS 302Sociology of Sexualities3
WGS 303Popular Culture and the Media3
WGS 304Sociology of Gender3
WGS 306Masculinities3
WGS 309Women in America: 1920-PRESENT3
WGS 310Women in Leadership3
WGS 311Diversity in the Media3
WGS 315Women Artists3
WGS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World3
WGS 328Gender in the Non-Western World3
WGS 330Philosophy and Gender3
WGS 387Women and Public Policy3
Take 3 credits of DEI Core Courses:
AN 210Gender/Sex/Sexuality3
AN 252The Science of Human Diversity3
EN 338American Literature by Women of Color3
HS 210Contemporary America3
HS 254Colonial Latin America3
PS 244Psychology of Prejudice3
PS 262Psychology of Women and Gender (WGS 262)3
SO 241Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SO 241HHonors Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SO 244Race, Gender and Class: Social Inequalities3
SO 244HRace, Gender and Class: Social Inequalities3
WGS 211Cross Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Sex and Sexuality3
WGS 252The Science of Human Diversity3
WGS 338American Literature by Women of Color3