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Learning to view our modern world through the lens of history is a valuable skill that will shape your understanding of politics, economics, science and art. Our 18-credit minor explores major events in American, European and world history. You’ll enrich your liberal arts experience and develop a background that will prove useful in many fields, such as business, law, education or government. You’ll hone your writing and research skills while discovering the rich histories of countries and cultures from ancient times up through today.

You’ll have the flexibility to chart your own path through this minor. With the guidance of the department chair, you can focus on your particular areas of interest and choose from a diverse selection of classes in topics such as World War II, ancient Greece, the European Renaissance, and Asian and Middle Eastern history. 

Minor in History Curriculum

A minor in history is recorded upon completion of at least 18 credits with a grade of C or better in all courses. Students must select at least one course (3 credits) from each of the following areas of history: American, European and global. At least two courses (6 credits) must be at the 300 level or above and should be chosen with the consultation of the department chair. No more than three classes can be at the 100 level.

HS 111The Rise of the West3
HS 112The West in the World3
HS 122Modern World History3
HS 131U.S. History to 18773
HS 132U.S. History Since Reconstruction3
HS 201Historical Writing3
HS 208Twentieth-Century World History3
HS 209Twentieth-Century Europe3
HS 210Contemporary America3
HS 211Popular Culture in American History3
HS 213The Roman World3
HS 214Ancient Greek History3
HS 215American Business History3
HS 219Colonial America and the Atlantic World3
HS 220American Environmental History3
HS 224The Real Housewives of the Early Modern World3
HS 227Russian Cultural and Intellectual History3
HS 228Twentieth-Century Russia3
HS 229Irish History3
HS 230The Rise of Modern Science3
HS 231The World of Tudor/Stuart Britain3
HS 232The Rise and Fall of the British Empire3
HS 234Borders & Battles: Conflict and the Legacy of Empire3
HS 235Blood and Revolution in China/Asian Studies3
HS 236Japan's Modern Empire/Asian Studies3
HS 241African-American Experiences to Reconstruction3
HS 242African-American Experience Since Reconstruction3
HS 254Colonial Latin America3
HS 270The East Is Red: Communism in Asia3
HS 271Monks, Kings and Rebels: Mainland Southeast Asia3
HS 272Pirates and Matriarchs: Island Southeast Asia3
HS 273African History and Culture3
HS 274Modern India3
HS 282Global Environmental History3
HS 300Special Topics in American History3
HS 301Special Topics II - European History3
HS 302Special Topics III: Global History3
HS 303Historiography3
HS 305Vietnam3
HS 306Frederick Douglass and Ireland3
HS 307The Holocaust3
HS 312The Age of Pericles3
HS 317The European Reformation3
HS 321European History, 1914-19453
HS 322History of World War I3
HS 323World War II3
HS 325History of England: 1688 to the Present3
HS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World3
HS 327Islamic Societies and Cultures to 13003
HS 328Gender in the Non-Western World3
HS 330History of Western Medicine3
HS 332History of India3
HS 333The Middle East, 1300-1919; Critical Issues3
HS 334Bollywood and History: Constructing India's Past3
HS 340Native American History3
HS 341The American Revolution3
HS 344Civil War and Reconstruction3
HS 349American Maritime History3
HS 350Introduction to Public History3
HS 360The Two Koreas3
HS 391Colonizing the Body4
HS 394Doctors, Disease and Death in the Western World4