Program Contact: David Valone 203-582-5269

Learning to view our modern world through the lens of history is a valuable skill that will shape your understanding of politics, economics, science and art. Our 18-credit minor explores major events in American, European and world history. You’ll enrich your liberal arts experience and develop a background that will prove useful in many fields, such as business, law, education or government. You’ll hone your writing and research skills while discovering the rich histories of countries and cultures from ancient times up through today.

You’ll have the flexibility to chart your own path through this minor. With the guidance of the department chair, you can focus on your particular areas of interest and choose from a diverse selection of classes in topics such as World War II, ancient Greece, the European Renaissance, and Asian and Middle Eastern history. 

To complete the minor, students must complete at least 18 credits in History with a grade of C or better in all courses. Students must select at least one course (3 credits) from each of the following areas of history: American, European and global. At least two courses (6 credits) must be at the 300 level or above and should be chosen with the consultation of the department chair. No more than three classes can be at the 100 level.